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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 28, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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that is it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> a desperate search for three missing brothers after their father tried to take his own life. why investigators say his story about his son's disappearance doesn't add up. it looks like an act of retaliation aimed at the terror suspect accused of trying to carry out a murderous attack in oregon. i'm in tonight for julie banderas as we are live as fox reports tonight. >> wikileaks founder attempting to undermine some
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of america's strategic partnerships with the click of a button and released nearly 250,000 classified documents rattling embassies here and around the world. tonight the looming diplomatic fallout. >> and a display of military muscle. stabilizes an unbreakable bond between the u.s. and south korea. the war games are on in the shadow of one of the heavily armed borders. on the other side a nuclear north korea. >> we have to understand that north korea will not abandon its behavior in short-term as it seems to pay great dividends. >> tonight, we're live in south korea's capital with a close-up look at two countries on the brink. plus, it just may be one of the scareiest jobs out there. >> it's kind of overwhelming when you first get out here and you don't know what you're getting yourself into.
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>> and braving snakes and taking out a growing menace. tonight, we ride along on their dangerous mission. >> reckless and dangerous, that's how the white house is describing wikileaks response to thousands of classified state department diplomatic documentsment and include representations from america's friends and our enemies. and it's something the obama administration puts countless lives at risk. wikileaks founder under fire again, the latest document dump on his whistleblower website this year, wikileaks releasing thousands of files about the war in iraq and afghanistan. the new york times reporting tonight private bradley manning once boasted of stealing thousands of diplomatic cables in an internet chat room. he was arrested in may on charges including transferring classified data. tonight what is the latest leak? what's in it? malini wilkes is live for us in washington with the very
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latest. malini? >> it's a quarter million diplomatic tables, they've posted them on the site and advanced access to several news organization which published some of the material over the course of this information. there's information on critical hot spots. north and south korea, pakistan and iran. on iran, the cables reveal how many arab leaders want to end iran's nuclear program and saudi arabia repeatedly asked washington to attack iran to quote, cut the head of the snake. another describes the missile strikes of al-qaeda in yemen. with the president of yemen telling general petraeus, we'll continue to say the bombs are ours and not yours. basically that the yemeni president will lie to his own people who was responsible for those strikes. wikileaks founder says no one has ever been harmed by his website's publications, but the white house thinks the leaks are dangerous, saying in a statement, quote, should be
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clear such disclosures put at risk our diplomates, intelligence professionals and people around the world who come to the united states for assistance in promoting democracy and open government. now, secretary of state hillary clinton has been calling foreign leaders over the past days attempting advanced damage control. some analysts say this document dump will likely harm our relations with other countries. >> one of the sayings in the intelligence community, sometimes you have to hide the truth to get the truth. this is one of the instances where hiding truth was in the best interest of most countries so there's no real whistle blowing here, it's poking people in the eye. >> who is responsible for the leak? nobody's been charged, but suspicion is focusing on army private bradley manning, arrested back in june and charged with an earlier leak. harris? >> all right, malini, thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting on this. we do have some more reaction about this and we want to
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continue the conversation, because it's such a huge story. what kind of impact could the latest leak have. christian whiten worked under the state department under president george bush ap advisor to the undersecretary of state of democracy and mroepg global affairs good to see you. we're getting word of what's happening in obama's top people. secretary of state clinton with allies around the world. is this a loss of credibility for the united states? >> yes, it most certainly is, both for the united states and for the obama administration. first of all, our ability to work with partners around the world is going to be impaired by this. you cited yemen in the last report, that's a case where the government is not duplicitous because it wants to be, but because it feels it has to be. it doesn't feel its public can support its cooperation with the u.s. in striking at al-qaeda on the arabian peninsula and saying it's its
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own strikes rather than u.s. strikes and that will be a case where cooperating with had a government will be much more difficult. within the white house, too, this is the third time this organization, wikileaks, has released information, dangerously to the united states. and first afghanistan, iraq, and now this. and the white house has done little to stop this organization. >> so you're being critical of the white house on this point and what would you like to see them do that's different? >> well, something more than sending a strong worded letter to the lawyer in london. it's not a whistleblower organization, it's waging political warfare in the united states and trying to change the policies set up by elected leaders and so i would support electronically assaulting this organization and going after its finances and employees and others at a very minimum, he should be charged with espionage. if you stole one piece of
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classified info and gave it it a foreign government you might be guilty of espionage and he's done this on a massive scale and given it to all of our adversaries. >> so confident nothing would happen, he's telegraphed what is coming next and next and next. the internet played a role in how this has rolled out, but hasn't there always been a concern about documents remaining private? >> yes, it's very shocking that any single individual in the u.s. government could access this information if in fact these reports that private first class was the source that was initially responsible. i worked at the state department and had access to a great deal of information and presumed if i ever accessed a great deal at least i would get a friendly visit from diplomatic security asking what i was up to. the fact that he could compromise this much is truly shocking or should be, congressional hearings and things like that, hopefully that practices are put in place to prevent this from happening in the future. >> christian, i appreciate
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your information on this. and the big overarching thing is what the white house said, putting lives at risk and that's the scary part of all of this. thanks for being with us today. a united show of force in south korea. the u.s. aen south korean department of the are holding joint military exercises in the yellow seas days after north korea attacked the south, including a couple of civilians there. the war games scheduled to last until wednesday and the north threatening to attack again if in fact the games continue. the intensity prompting china now to call for an emergency meeting of regional powers, including north korea and china's aid to north korea has kept that impoverished country on life support. today, senator john mccain is key to a resolution here. >> they could bring the north korean economy to its knees if they wanted to. and i cannot believe that the chinese should in a mature
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fashion not find it in their interest to restrain north korea. and senator mccain went on to say the threat posed by the north is more dangerous today than it was in the past. he pointed to its enhanced nuclear capabilities, but says they'll stop right on the verge of war because they want money. he says they will ask for more economic aid. greg palkot has been following the situation. of course, he's in south korea tonight streaming live from seoul, greg? >> hey, harris. and tensions are running high in the region and our very own fox news team where at least one episode of the crisis, we wanted to check out the scene of that deadly attack on south koreans last week. that happened at a disputed south korean island off of the north korean coast. as we landed, as we stepped on shore, it seemed like this crisis was ready to flare up again. take a look at what we heard, what we saw. >> this is not about how tense things are in south korea,
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it's 12:15 local time on sunday, we're on the island hit by north korean artillery just a couple of days ago. well, in the past hour there have been concerns and worries, signs of firing and flashes coming from the north korean coastline, that is in the distance, about seven miles from here, they have been saying that they exercise is involving the u.s. and south korean navies are provocative and that they would strike again and that's why the folks on the island are being told to stay in bunkers and why the people on the ship are being told to leave very quickly. >> in fact, the artillery shells apparently missed the island, but north korea is doing more. there are new reports, they're gearing up a range of missiles along the west coast of their country. and they're also warning against any encroachment by the united states and others into its territory and though we are told that the ships of the u.s. and south korean
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naval exercise going on right now are positioned well away from the north korean border, we're also told that they're very positions there in the yellow sea could be in fact-- represent a possibility of another high stakes mistake being made, that i am told, remain a clear and present danger, harris. >> yeah, greg, the north saying today it threatens to unleash what is called merciless action if those war games don't stop. greg palkot reporting live from south korea, thanks for being with us. a somali teenager was arrested accused of trying to bomb portland oregon's christmas tree lighting. an islamic center in portland, is there a connection? police say, yes, there is. you find out what it is. and a man turns a home into a bomb making factory. police try to figure out how to take the stuff out. what was inside and what was he planning to do with all of
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>> anger burning hot in oregon, two days after a somali born teenager was accused in a foiled plot to blow up a christmas tree lighting program. a fire that nobody was hurt. we're told that the enaimam say he was not very religious and dank an occasional beer, mex mentioned that he was a student. this is how it started the city's annual christmas tree lighting ceremony would be his target and the 19-year-old told the agent he had dreamed of a carrying out an attack for years, and blaming his family from holding him back from jihad. on friday authorities say he tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb-filled van
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at a tree lighting ceremony and he argued that the bomb was fake and there by agents. the culmination of a year long sting operation. people in the area cannot believe terror could come so close to home. >> the terrorism, you think it's somewhere else, but there it is. >> yeah, i was actually really shocked. i work next door, across the street and so this morning when i woke up and i heard it, i was like, oh, gosh. yeah, i was, definitely. >> it was amazing to think, you know, i was walking by here 30 minutes before. if it had happened, something really bad would have happened. so it sort of touches home. >> and mohamud is due in court tomorrow. check this out. this is in california, a house turned into a so-called bomb making factory. here is the scene near san diego, the house is there on the left. authorities say they found the largest amount of homemade explosives ever in one location in this country. the scene is so dangerous that bomb experts had to pull out of their temporarily, so, what
7:17 pm
exactly it in that house? our casey stegall is live for us in los angeles, casey, quite a bit of stuff there. >> yeah, quite a bit of stuff and investigators have the arduous task of trying to sort through all of this and figure out what this man may have been doing with so many explosives. as you mentioned, it's the largest amount of homemade explosives ever found in one location in all of u.s. history, and investigators say it's the same types of chemicals used by homicide bombers in iraq and afghanistan. this fine happening at a rental home near escondido, california about 20 miles north of san diego, police calling it a bomb factory with nine to 12 pounds of dangerous explosives, scattered throughout the back yard and inside the house. authorities initially sent to 54-year-old george gentlemjacub home. a gardner was injured in an explosion there. police found more than ten grenades, and detonators and
7:18 pm
evidence linking the suspect to even more crimes. >> weapons were seized as well as items that one would find consistent with somebody who is doing robberies. there were boxes and items all over the house, on furniture, on cabinet tops, on desk tops, so there wasn't a lot of clear space. >> now, as it turns out, jacubik believed to be responsible for two bank robberies in the area over the summer and already on p probation for a 2009 conviction, he's a software consultant and charged with 26 counts of manufacturing or possessing explosives, but has pled not guilty and is being held on 5 million dollars bail. meantime bomb squads are going to be returning to the home this week to safely remove everything, they had to back out last week because it got so dangerous they had to come up with a new plan of attack, as investigators try and figure out what he was doing with those explosives and where on earth he even bought
7:19 pm
the materials to make them. harris. >> i've got one word for you. the neighbors, what must they be thinking tonight? pretty scary stuff. >> and helped by police. >> casey stegall, thank you very much. a major drug cartel takedown in mexico, it happened just over the border from the u.s. in juarez. they caught the presumed leader of the drug gang that operates there as well as across the border from el paso, texas. authorities connecting him to the murders of 15 people at a party in january. he's also suspected in the killings of five federal agents and an employee of the u.s. consulate in cuidad juarez. and an amber alert for three brothers in michigan, wait until you see the picture. their father is in the hospital after a suicide attempt and we've the latest on the information on the missing little boys. and a man facing murder charges, we'll tell you what
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>> welcome back. police in michigan issuing an amber alert for three michigan brothers who could be in grave danger. their dad claims he gave them to a woman he met on the internet to take them back to their own mom. nows' being treated for mental issues after a suicide attempt. heather, as i understand, his story doesn't add up no matter how many numbers you put together, they don't come out to the ones that police need to find the kids? >> right and the thing is, the numbers keep multiplying, harris. 39-year-old john skelton is in the hospital receiving
7:24 pm
treatment after he tried to hang himself on friday, the same day his three young sons disappeared. the skelton boys, nine-year-old andrew, seven-year-old alexander and five-year-old tanner, they've been missing from the town of morenci since that day, their father, john skelton says he sent the children with a woman he met online joanne taylor. the trouble is no one can find that woman. we have a little more information we can share. skelton has told she's married to a pastor named mark taylor and he believes they live in the jackson or hillsdale, michigan, areas. skelton told investigators he didn't want the boys in the house when he committed suicide and that's why he sent them with joanne taylor to begin with, to take them to their mother, tanya skelton. a family spokesperson says that tanya just wants some straight answers. >> really, this is what happened. just be honest, we need to find the children. and so we just try to refocus her and say, take a deep
7:25 pm
breath, relax and walk and just to do things to get her mind off from this. >> earlier this evening, a candlelight vigil was held at morenci united methodist church, just over 2000 people in the small town, most have been helping in the search for these boys. the search now includes an area known as harrison lake though, in a state park 10 to 15 miles outside of morenci, the boys were last seen playing in their father's back yard on thursday and investigators fear they are in grave danger. as harris said the expanded search also includes everything from helicopters to fbi behavioral analysts. >> any suspect that we develop an assessment. we're not narrowing in on any one person. >> now, the children's mother tanya has been separated from the family. skelton is being treated at a hospital right now for mental health issues and something else, his facebook page, it's also raising serious questions
7:26 pm
tonight. his last posting on wednesday says, quote, i love my wife very much, may god and tanya forgive me. so the search continues for joanne and mark taylor and the police have not confirmed they exist. anyone with information please call the more renz why i police department at 517-458-7104. >> harris: wow, okay. so the person online doesn't exist. what's he sorry for, that's the big question. >> that's the big question and what happened to these precious children. >> harris: all right. we put the number up there. we hope people will call. >> yes. >> thank you very much, heather. thousands of secret documents now available for the world to see, wikileaks making good on its threat to release classified state department cables. we'll-- they're still coming out and it's our top story at the bottom of the hour. the bull tries to beat the law, but the law won. you won't believe what happens next.
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>> i'm harris falkner in tonight for julie banderas. it's the time for the news. the document dumps from whistleblower wikileaks is
7:31 pm
putting the lives of intelligence agencies, at refshg. we are an expecting more documents to drop tomorrow and malini wilkes is live with us for exactly what we're seeing in the documents. malini. >> harris earlier you and i discussed what was in the documents, but they include frank and unflattering personal comments by leaders and perhaps why secretary of state was calling foreign capital in advance to try to smooth things over and describe germany's angela merkel as avoiding risk and rarely creative. and karzai as quote, driven by paranoia and libya's gadhafi, he goes everywhere with a ukrainian voluptuous nurse. >> harris: is it possible that some of this embarrassing stuff could give us some insight? >> it's who we're dealing with
7:32 pm
tn a the guardian says that russia's putin is described as an alpha dog and unique relationship with italian prime minister silvio berlusconi, includes lavish gift giving and berlusconi increasingly putin's mouth piece in europe and going back to 1979, a u.s. diplomate in iran who would later be taken hostage at the embassy describing why it's difficult to negotiate with the iranians, the persian psyche is dominated by an overriding ego, quote, one should never assume his side of the issue will be recognized let alone that it will be conceded to have merits. persian pre om payings with self precludes this and goes ong to say they don't no advantage of long-term relationships, only interested
7:33 pm
in short-term gains. >> harris: malini wilkes, giving us an idea what's in the documents. thank you. another situation developing, military drones in the yellow sea, the u.s. joining with south korea in a show of force, following the deadly attack last tuesday by the north and threatened to launch another attack and has said these are pushing the peninsula to the brink of war. lawmakers in washington keeping a close eye on what's happening there and our julie kirtz is keeping a close eye in washington as well for reacti reaction. >> china launches a bid, call for emergency talks and all eyes are on the north putting surface to surface missiles on the launch pad. and the six armament party talks north korea walked out of two years ago, in washington, john mccain the top republican on the senate armed services committee says
7:34 pm
he doesn't give much weight to china's latest diplomatic move. >> i'm only encouraged by action which would bring north korea to a point where they would abandon their aggressive behavior. that can only really be done right now by china who is-- and china is not reacting and acting in a responsible fashion of a world power. >> china's efforts came after days of pressure by washington and allies to get china to try to restrain north korea, which recently shelled a south korean island, killing four and earlier this month, revealed that its nuclear program is much more advanced than many believe. >> i'm looking at china to step up their game against north korea and try to get, bring them in the fold of a peaceful nation. >> i think china calling for a resuming of the six party talks is important. typically, we've been, you know, wanting six party talks and china has not been as enthusiastic, so, i think that's a good sign. >> and senator mccain adding north korea's recent moves
7:35 pm
should lead to talks about a government change in the north. though not through military action, harris. >> harris: thank you very much. an i voiding a massive tax hike is one of the priorities for lawmakers returning to capitol hill this week. the number two democrat saying protecting bush era tax cuts for the rich, not his main concern. >> we do have unemployment running out, by christmas, 2 million americans will lose their unemployment benefits. i also want to make sure the earned income tax credit, the child care tax credit and the working man paid tax credit will be in this conversation. we should be doing what it takes to move this economy forward. we should not worry about the discomfort of the wealthy. >> that's how the democrats feel and republicans a whole different story and another big item on the democrat's to-do list is repealing don't ask, don't tell. something senator lindsey graham believes republicans can block. >> this is made by president obama when he was running for
7:36 pm
president. there's no ground swell of 0 opposition don't ask don't tell coming from the military, this is all politics, i don't believe there's anywhere near the votes to repeal don't ask don't tell on the republican side, i think we'll be united in the lame duck. >> harris: and president obama expected to sit down with leaders this week with both parties to try to iron out some of the issues. oh, washington. a thanksgiving reunion for a long lost dad and son and a bull gets loose in florida, but not for long, just two stops on a fox trip across america. michigan, at least two people shot and wounded at a mall in harper woods right in the middle of busy holiday shopping. police say it started with an argument between two groups of tarms. teenagers. >> shoots ringing out and hitting employees both expected to recover. a policeman hunt for the two shooters. florida, a boat careening out of the water, hitting a tree and smashing a picnic table to
7:37 pm
pieces and witnesses saying it happened after the driver got into a speed race with another boat. before he hit a tree and lost control. he was rushed to the hospital. even the boat's hull leaving a trail of paint behind, as it scraped along the shoreline. the boat totalled. >> and in orlando, don't tase me, bull. yeah. the friendly bovine is named filet mignon and his owner is piping mad after the bull hopped out of the pen. sheriff sent out squad cars and a helicopter to keep the beast away from the traffic and gave filet mignon the taser twice. and said. >> i thought he was a moron for putting a helicopter up over my house and wasting taxpayer dollars. >> officers arresting smith for the bull may be causing an accident. no handcuffs for the bull. he was fine despite being zapped. arizona a very happy day for the father and son.
7:38 pm
25 years apart. tom russell was left paralyzed and blind in one eye after a car crash in 1984. his son went to relatives and later adopted by another family and tommy, jr. never gave up. after looking on facebook, he found his uncle, tom's brother. days later, a thanksgiving reunion years in the making, tom calling it a miracle and hopes to spend many more holidays together with his son. >> this is the beginning. okay? this is the beginning. >> tommy, jr. saying he cannot wait for his dad to meet his grandson. that's a fox watch across america. a haven turning into a war zone, what's happening in brazil hosting the summer olympics and military officials claim they gained control of the shantytown, but have they? why rio's war against drug traffickers is far from over
7:39 pm
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. >> the on again/off again boyfriend of jenni-lyn watson pleaded not guilty to killing herment steven piper is held without bail on second degree murder charge. jenni-lyn watson disappeared while visiting her parents for thanksgiving break and police believe they have found her remains now in a park near their upstate new york home. prosecutors already building their case against piper, an autopsy being performed to determine the exact cause of jenni-l jenni-lyn's death.
7:43 pm
officials in rio de janeiro declaring victory against. a shanty town complex a haven for dope dealers and robbers, in the past few days the slum has become a war zone, well-armed police swooped in with choppers and encountered less resistance than expected. others report that town is not yet really under control and the gunmen inside are fighting back. authorities are hoping to clean up the area before the 2016 summer olympic games. they have a few years. turning overseas now, welcome the news today for ireland's money strapped government, after ten days of negotiations, european financial teams approved a $113 billion bailout deal for ireland. the deal hammered out with the cooperation of the national monetary fund and the bailout includes loans from britain, ireland's number one trading partner and european leaders saying they're working on a permanent plan to ensure the
7:44 pm
euro's future stability. a historic building goes up in flames and truffles tipping the scales at a charity event. we go around the world in 80 seconds. 80, well, the 19 candidates voice the outcome today's presidential election, this in the wake of the reports of fraud and voter intimidation, despite citing problems, the council says the election will continue as planned. turkey, a train station in istanbul up in flames during restoration work, firefighters battling a fire engulfing the roof of this historic building. no word of any injuries. the cause under investigation. pakistan, an update to a deadly cargo plane crash, first reported on fox report last night. official confirming three people onned ground are among
7:45 pm
at least 11 dead. witnesses say one of the plane's engines appeared to be on fire as it blew overhead and investigators finding no learning to terrorism. italy, a massive truffle sparking even bigger bids at an auction in rome. the highlight of the event, a combination of two truffles weighing three pounds selling for $330,000. >> and sold! >> the edible fungi part of it. a stolen school bus and a wild police chase all caught on tape. oh, so tasty to watch. police napped the man they say was behind the wheel and wait until you hear why they can't charge him with leading cops on a high speed pursuant. what? plus, some job openings for you in florida. wait a minute, the squeamish
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>> it's a dangerous battle raging on this florida. the enemy's invasive plants that can destroy the pristine wild life. they're not just fighting the plants. here is fox news correspondent orlando salinas. >> reporter: while a full moon hovers over the wildlife refuge in palm beach county, florida, the boats ready and
7:50 pm
crews ready for a long ten-hour day. sharpen their machetes, and then jump into the dark waters of the florida everglades. their job, plain and simple, is to cut away the brush and spray herbicide on invasive plants. while watching for spiders, snakes and gators, sometimes moving just feet away. >> it's not uncommon for us to pull into this area and get everything ready and then we'll hear the bellowing. >> like a growl. >> like a growl. >> the crews chop and spray over and over, while standing on a thin canopy of roots that lay just under the water line. beneath that, 20 feet of dark murky water. this man jumps causing the tree ten feet away to shake. invasive plants so far have taken over one million acres state wide and keep the crews working even if they're scared. >> it's kind of overwelcoming when you first get out here and don't know what you're getting yourself into. >> these crews are working
7:51 pm
within about an acre, maybe a two acre spread, right smack dab in the middle of the florida everglades. here they're over here, they're there. wild life officials say they can't hire enough people to work in the saw grass. slashing invasive plants that are spreading at a rate of 50 acres a day. >> just a very vicious cycle of trying to control this, so-- >> it's job security? >>, but it is job security. but in this job you better watch your back. orlando salinas, fox news. >> harris: watch your back, your ankles, everything. whew. the man suspected of leading utah police on a wild chase while sitting behind the wheel of a school bus, not behind bars. the 38-year-old man led them
7:52 pm
on a high speeds and allegedly rammed the side of a cruiser before a tree and then took off on foot. >> that same night we believe he damaged some of it and then subsequently climbed into another bus and went on a high speed chase. >> they couldn't get him on that one, but listen to this, he was nabbed two weeks ago and charged with stealing another bus that happened earlier this same day. and if you can't get one bus you keep going. pro football or ultimate fighting, what do i do between the shows? i was watching the titans play the texans because you know, why not? bam! that's what happened as i was sitting there getting ready for the show. what started this? we'll tell you:
7:53 pm
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7:55 pm
the creativity, the innovation, there's definitely a tie there. one thing our scientists are working on is carbon capture and storage, which could prevent co2 from entering the atmosphere. we've just built a new plant to demonstrate how we can safely freeze out the co2 from natural gas. it looks like snow. it's one way that we're helping provide energy with fewer emissions.
7:56 pm
>> all right i confess i'm kind of in the sport. the houston texans snapped the losing sneak and the tennessee titans don't go down without a fight. check this out. that's right, the game is still on. for a moment the football game started looking more like a boxing match. and peter from fox i know what started it, but you fill us in. >> and finnigan is a cornerback for the tennessee titans, andre johnson one of the best wide receivers in the game. they were jabbing and jawing all game and got out of control. 20-nothing at this point and andre johnson ripped the helmet off and there we go, we have holyfield versus tyson. the houston chronicle finnigan lookouted over to the texans bench before it happened and said watch this and this is what happened. and roger goodle, the commissioner is for sports bars to cut into that highlight and be the highlight
7:57 pm
of sundays, but apparently it was. >> harris: i don't know if you can reads lips there. good thing we put that up. okay, any fines expected quickly. >> yeah, fines are expected and both players ejected from the game. >> harris: a big scandal ute of miami, randy shannon cleaned up the place. >> the head coach of miami was given a four year extension. everyone was graduating, but they went 7-5 and lost yesterday to florida in front of only 26,000 fans and he got fired today. and a big surprise for a lot of people. a lot of names are rumored to fill in one being jon gruden, the current monday night football analyst. >> harris:en' has such a friendly bedside manner. roger federer to talk tennis and raphael nadel, interesting rivalry and raphael has been kicking him up the court. not today though.
7:58 pm
>> no, nadel has a 5-2 lead over federer when they play in grand slam final. today though called the acp world tour finals, last tournament of the year and the elder player got the best of him. and you know, the late november, what better to do than to talk about tennis and roger fedor got the best of raphael nadel. there you go. >> harris: i love the sound bite, i am the best. >> it's unbelievable and fedor is likeable and so is nadel and not johnson, finnigan, but a good rivalry all the way. >> harris: thanks for being here. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: a brave rescue in sacramento for a dog who had trouble breathing after a fire, take a look, it's budsy and the pooch was not breathing after collapsing on the lawn. the captain helping him with mouth to snout resuscitation and johnson saying he's thrilled he could save buddy's life after coping with the loss of his own just last week. >> last week, i lost my best friend, my dog. i loved to death. and so, it was a rough week
7:59 pm
for my family and i. >> oh, buddy loaded into an ambulance and off to the vets office where he's doing just fine tonight. remarkably, the second time in as many days captain johnson helped save the life of a local dog. wow. here is a look at some of our top stories, the white house condemning the latest doc dump by wikileaks. hundreds of thousands were release today by the whistleblower website revealing back stage international diplomacy and candid comments, gossip, really, about world leaders and tension building in north korea. the united states and south korea carrying out joint military exercises right now. and north korea warned the drills could push them to the brink of war. on this day in 1925, nashville transformed radio the first broadcast of the grand ole opera. the show originally called the barn dance after a program in chicago with a similar format, but the grand ole opry quickly


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